Contact Your Representative

Our legislative representatives want to hear from their constituents on matters of importance to them. One of the most influential ways you can help impact policy and practices aimed at helping at-risk youth is to be a voice for them. The responsibility for advocacy lies within each of us. Please do your part and contact your representative.

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Legislative Priorities

PAFCAF Policy Agenda

PAFCAF advocates at the state and federal levels to shape practices and policies that improve South Carolina's child and family well-being system, empower providers to offer quality services, and support initiatives that help address trauma and improve outcomes for young people and their families.


SC Child and Family
Well-Being Reform

PAFCAF is dedicated to championing initiatives and innovations that transform and strengthen South Carolina's child and family well-being system and which support the state's service provider agencies' ability to provide quality and timely care to more than 4,000 children in the foster care system.


Our priority goal is ensuring children, youth and families can thrive in their communities and be resilient when faced with challenges. Children and youth remaining in the care of safe and supportive families positively impacts development.  Providing support through preventive services to our most vulnerable children and families in South Carolina is a priority focus for our shared system. PAFCAF and Member agencies are actively engaged in efforts to further develop and strengthen prevention services in our state.

Community-Based and Placement

A community-based system of care requires the system to see the home, school, and neighborhood of the child and family from an asset and strength perspective. Keeping children in their homes, neighborhood schools, and local communities has a positive effect on child and family well-being. Community-based services are provided in a child and families natural environment and involves identifying the natural supports in these familiar surroundings as part of a strengths-based approach. PAFCAF and Member agencies are advocating for resources that are needed in order to transform and expand needed community-based services across South Carolina.