Association Professionals

PAFCAF’s Professional Associates work to accomplish the organization’s goals, vision, and strategic direction. Professional Associates are committed to the mission and vision of our Member Agencies to transform the child well-being system and provide quality services to the children and families in South Carolina.

Association professionals strive to the build on the continued accomplishments of the Association and to maintain PAFCAF’s position as the premier membership association dedicated to helping ensure the quality of care the children receive in the state of South Carolina.

Kim Beaudoin

T: 803.834.4921

Kimberly Beaudoin serves as the Chief Executive Officer for the Palmetto Association for Children and Families. In this role and in concert with the Board of Directors, she directs the initiatives of the Association, advocacy and lobbying responsibilities, and collaborative partnerships which best support the interest and needs of the Members of the Association. Ms. Beaudoin is dedicated to ensuring the Members of PAFCAF have the most favorable environments to deliver the highest quality of services and supports to our most vulnerable and marginalized citizens of South Carolina.

Ms. Beaudoin has an extensive career of over 34 years in the field of advocacy, service delivery and administration of programs for vulnerable children and families, and adults across both North and South Carolina. She has worked for private provider agencies in both states. In North Carolina she gained valuable experience over a ten year period working for an Area Authority in a five-county catchment area and was operationally and administratively responsible for all services to children and families in the catchment area, including Early Intervention, Outpatient Therapy, Integrated Day Care, Developmental Day Centers, Day Treatment Centers and Residential Treatment Facilities. This experience prepared Ms. Beaudoin to open her own private provider agency in 2004, which she was a managing partner for 14 years. The agency provided services to children with mental health, developmental disabilities and/ or substance use disorders and their families. The services ranged from Early Intervention, Diagnostic Assessment and Outpatient Therapy including contracted School Based Therapy, community-based services such as Intensive In-Home and Residential Services.

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Contract Lobbyist

Parker Poe Consulting provides valuable counsel to clients, including global manufacturing companies, public utilities, higher education institutions, counties and municipalities, and association management, among others.

Parker Poe Consulting

Lander Hiott - Lobbyist

Vicki Clarke Parker - Principle

Jason J. Puhlasky - Principle