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The Palmetto Association for Children and Families seeks to advance the interests and priorities of its membership, while also addressing policy and legislative issues impacting children and families. Our members’ priorities are shared with the South Carolina General Assembly, other non-profit and thought leaders, government agencies, and stakeholders who are working in the field of child and family services.

and Advocacy
that Works

PAFCAF promotes innovations and solutions for our membership, as we seek to assure that government agencies and lawmakers create policies or legislative mandates that do not adversely impact how services must be delivered. We act as a unified voice for children and families, while we seek to achieve a common sense regulatory and compliance framework for contracted providers.

Membership that's
Worth the Ticket

We provide our members weekly newsletter updates regarding the very latest in state and federal policy guidance. Our staff attends policy meetings with partnering agencies and shares information with the membership. Pertinent court hearings are attended, with updates sent to members. PAFCAF has five standing committees of the Board of Directors to maintain alignment with Board priorities and the Strategic Plan.

The Mission...
The Reason.

Every day in South Carolina, several thousand children are living outside their family homes because of abuse, neglect, abandonment and other situations. We provide leadership to ensure quality in care in service areas such as residential group care services, foster care, therapeutic foster care, prevention services, behavioral health services, psychiatric treatment, and community-based and rehabilitative services.

How PAFCAF Gives You the Edge

WEEKLY NEWSLETTER UPDATES regarding the very latest in state and federal POLICY GUIDANCE.

We ATTEND POLICY MEETINGS with partnering agencies and SHARE THAT INFORMATION with our members.

We attend pertinent court hearings and SEND UPDATES TO MEMBERS.

PAFCAF HAS FIVE STANDING COMMITTEES of the Board of Directors to maintain alignment with Board priorities and the Strategic Plan.

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Become a PAFCAF member and you will receive weekly newsletters, member alerts, discounts on products, services and much more.

PAFCAF Resources

We have various resources available to members, such as white papers, policy updates, infographics and much more!

PAFCAF Advocacy

PAFCAF conducts policy advocacy on behalf of children and families and the organizations that serve them to improve outcomes. This is accomplished in part through identifying legislative priorities and providing guidance and policy recommendations to the South Carolina Legislature.