PAFCAF Research & Resources

Kinship Care in South Carolina

DSS Settlement Progress Report

Other Resources

Psychotropic Medication Reference Chart

Relias 2017 State of Staff Development and Training Report

ACE Connection Resource List

Questions Every Judge and Lawyer Should Ask About Infants and Toddlers in the Child Weflare System (NCJFCJ) 

Kinship Care Resource Kit for Community and Faith-Based Organizations: Helping Grandparents and Other Relatives Raising Children (Children’s Defense Fund)

Disaster Planning for Child Welfare Agencies

WikiHow for Kinship Foster Care

Engaging Kinship Caregivers With Joseph Crumbley

Editorial: Introduction to Special Issue on Trauma

South Carolina Department of Social Services

FY 2018-2019 Budget Hearing

Ways and Means Healthcare Subcommittee - FY 18-19 Budget Hearing

DSS and The Michelle H. Settlement Agreement

DSS Settlement Progress Report Chart

Michelle H., et al. v. McMaster and Alford Monitoring Period I

Child Welfare Consent Decrees: Analysis of Thirty-Five Court Actions from 1995 to 2005

For The Welfare of Children: Lessons Learned from Class Action Litigation

Youth Homelessness

A Resource to Help Columbia’s Homeless

Youth Resource Guide (Transitions Homeless Center)

Fundraising Resources

Kaleidacare Grants List for Social Services

Therapeutic Foster Care Resources

HEDIS ® Measures & Tips: Behavioral Health 

LGBTQ Youth in Foster Care

Helping Families Support LGBT Children

Relias Learning Webinar, 12-5-17: Providing Services to LGBTQ Youth

Guide on Engaging Prospective Trans & Non-Binary Foster and Adoptive Parents

Anti-Human Trafficking Resources

2017 South Carolina Human Trafficking Task Force Annual Report

Human Trafficking Guide for Child Welfare: A Guide for Agencies (Child Welfare Information Gateway)

Human Trafficking Guide for Child Welfare: A Guide for Caseworkers (Child Welfare Information Gateway)

Council on Accreditation Resources

Updated Standards for Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services