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This fall we will welcome two  new members to our PAFCAF team! Tracey Beecken and Kayley Janico, are amazing college students will be joining us as interns for the fall semester.

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What are you most looking forward to right now?
In my work life: opportunity! We are in the midst of huge change in the child welfare system. It’s going to be rocky along the way, but there are so many opportunities for us to do better for our kids.
In my personal life: Thanksgiving! My favorite holiday! Family and food – what could be better?

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WOW cards making a difference at Children’s Attention Home of Rock Hill!

There is a wall of WOW in Rock Hill.  The wall is Children’s Attention Home of Rock Hill’s way of letting their staff know they are doing a good job!

“Part of serving our kids is serving our team well,” said Katie Motsinger, Community Resource Director for Children’s Attention Home of Rock Hill.

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Megan Branham, PAFCAF Director of Policy and Research talks about The National Adoption Competency Mental Health Training Initiative (NTI) that has been launched across the country. South Carolina is one of seven pilot states with the program that will start next month and run until the end of the year.

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New board members and officers elected to lead Palmetto Association for Children and Families

COLUMBIA, SC - The Palmetto Association for Children and Families (PAFCAF) announced the election of five new board members today. The board also selected a new president and secretary.

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We Need Your Voice Today! Medicaid coverage is at risk for 632,686 children in South Carolina

Right now, the American Health Care Act is being considered, and its impact would rip away health coverage from 23 million Americans according to the Congressional Budget Office.

While we have heard it will not be as drastic as the House's version we expect 632,686 children in South Carolina to be in danger of losing their Medicaid coverage.

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