WOW cards making a difference at Children’s Attention Home of Rock Hill!

There is a wall of WOW in Rock Hill.  The wall is Children’s Attention Home of Rock Hill’s way of letting their staff know they are doing a good job!

“Part of serving our kids is serving our team well,” said Katie Motsinger, Community Resource Director for Children’s Attention Home of Rock Hill.

For Katie and the leadership at Children’s Attention Home of Rock Hill, that means recognizing their employees for their successes and simple interactions that make the difference in a child’s day. So now, they have a Wall of WOW!

WOW Cards were started a year-and-a-half ago and are available for any team member or resident to fill out at any time. Once a card is filled out and put in one of the several boxes around campus, staff members enter them into a tracking spreadsheet and post them on a bulletin board in the cafeteria. Once a team member has 5 WOW cards they are eligible for a prize and can choose from an assortment of items including cups, shirts and bags.

"The WOW cards puts a little more enthusiasm into the management and staff as a whole. Our kids see it as a way to shine light on our team, and it helps highlight the importance of everyone's job." - Mr. James, Residential Counselor

What they’ve found is that employees enjoy both giving and receiving the appreciation. One of the most surprising outcomes of the program implementation has been seeing who is recognizing whom. Leadership discovered that the cards starting having an interesting dynamic: They were breaking down barriers! They began to create greater collaboration and engagement  and a team atmosphere emerged among members who may not typically work together directly.

Executive Director Debra Eident says the best part of the program is seeing the kids get involved and recognize the staff for the simple interactions they have with residents. The program encourages them to be specific in their gratitude and brings value to the idea of giving thanks because they are able to look at the wall of WOW every day and see the impact it has on everyone who sees it or is recognized on it!

"They (WOW cards) are great! With this program, everyone is included and gets to voice their appreciation - teammate to teammate, kids to teammates, all the way around. It doesn't show favoritism because anyone can get one and anyone can give one. It allows us to appreciate our teammates for the great things they do, and everyone gets to see the appreciation of their teammates when the cards are posted on the board." - Ms. Karla, Child Services Coordinator

Overall, the program has been successful around campus and the team is constantly looking for ways to improve or tweak the program to encourage longevity and continue the WOW-factor!

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