Tina Levene - Charles D. Barnett Address

Palmetto Association for Children and Families is excited to welcome Tina Levene to our 2018 conference.  Levene is a published author of four inspirational books: “Let Your Lessons Become Your Blessings”, “Let Your Forgiveness Become Your Freedom”, “Preventing Burn-Out, Igniting Passion” and “Little Book, BIG Truth.” She brings all the elements that you look for in a humorous motivational speaker: high energy, laughter, customization and surprises around every turn.

            Levene’s first book, “Let Your Lessons Become Your Blessings,” took 14 years to write.  It documents her battle with alcoholism, addictions, abuse, domestic violence, and rape; as a result of adversities she is able to find her voice. Through 12 step recovery programs, counseling and the support from her friends and family she was able to heal and transform.

            Levene instills in her audiences that there is hope for each and every person out there. As a humorous motivator and clean comedian she has the ability to take serious topics and add hilarious twists to them!