Gregg and Peggy Nibert

Gregg and Peggy Nibert have opened up their hearts and their home for the past 12 years to children in need of a safe and loving environment. After five years of going back and forth with the idea, they received the push from God they needed to begin fostering. As their own sons grew older, they knew it was the right time to start a new chapter in their lives.     

The Niberts have fostered more than 40 children. They have taken in some of the state’s most traumatic cases, including their first child, an infant with shaken baby syndrome. Whether it’s for two months or two years, they make each one a member of their family.     

Together, they have seen that love and care for a child on a day-to-day basis can make a significant impact on their lives in the long-term. They serve as a bridge from the dark days of an abused and neglected child to allow them to see there is light and hope in this world.

When asked how they cope with the heartache of seeing a child leave, their response is the Lord. When the day arrives to give up their foster baby, God steps in and gives them the strength to let go and let God, knowing they have made an impact of this child’s life.     

Through the troubles they find triumph, and peace in knowing they are never alone on this amazing journey. PAFCAF is so excited to welcome the Niberts to this year's conference and listen to them share their story.