Dr. Tom McIntyre - Nancy K. Perry Address

Dr. Tom McIntyre, also known as Dr. Mac, is a former teacher of students with behavior disorders and learning disabilities; he is now a Professor of Special Education and Coordinator of the Graduate Program in Behavior Disorders at Hunter College of the City University of New York. He is an entertaining presenter and author of three books and over 100 articles; he promotes practical, positive and respectful management of defiant and aggressive behavior.     

Mr. Mac is also the author of “The Behavioral Survival Guide for Kids,” the first book written for kids with behavioral disorders, helping them make good choices and get along better with others.     

What began as a discussion board assignment for his behavioral management course quickly turned from hypothetical to reality-based situations when people started to submit questions regarding their children and behavioral issues. Now, over 20 years later, BehaviorAdvisor.com has received several awards and over a million visits from people all over the world.     

Dr. Mac is excited to share his story and tips on what makes his website so unique at the 2018 PAFCAF annual conference!