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Meet The PAFCAF Interns!

This fall we will welcome two  new members to our PAFCAF team! Tracey Beecken and Kayley Janico, are amazing college students will be joining us as interns for the fall semester.

Tracey will be working with Megan on policy items, research projects and trainings. You will remember Tracey from our Leadership Retreat, where she helped us make calming bottles. Kayley will be working with Erin on membership development, member recruitment, our website and various other projects.

New board members and officers elected to lead Palmetto Association for Children and Families

COLUMBIA, SC - The Palmetto Association for Children and Families (PAFCAF) announced the election of five new board members today. The board also selected a new president and secretary.

The board elected Bethany Vause, Executive Director of Lutheran Services Carolinas, to be the new board president. Vause has served on the PAFCAF board for three years and previously held the position of secretary and public policy committee chair.

South Carolina’s Children Need Your Voice NOW!

Right now, the American Health Care Act is being considered, and its impact would rip away health coverage from 23 million Americans according to the Congressional Budget Office.

While we have heard it will not be as drastic as the House's version we expect 632,686 children in South Carolina to be in danger of losing their Medicaid coverage.

More than 10 million Americans with disabilities rely on Medicaid for care. This decision will affect millions. Our children need your voice now! You can make a difference!

Megan Branham Goes on DJJ “Behind the Fence” Tour

I’m a problem solver.

It more than likely has to do with the fact that I’m a first born, a social worker in the policy field and a mom, all roles that require the ability to solve problems daily, often at a moment's notice.

I enjoy finding solutions to complex problems and relish in the small wins. But sometimes those solutions aren’t easy to spot. Sometimes they are incredibly complex, complicated by human dynamics, tough-to-navigate systems and often woefully inadequate funding.

Generations Group Home

For Aimee and Brian Clark working at Generations Group is deeply personal. Not only because it’s where they met, but because it fed their professional passions in different ways and helped them both answer the call to make a difference in their community.

For Aimee, she saw an opportunity to fulfill an unmet need in the community. For Brian, helping Generations Group was an even more personal calling – it was somewhere he could help make a difference in the lives of sexually abused youth and children, something his own sister experienced as a youth.

Miracle Ministries Focused on Fostering Greater Community Engagement

Calling Beth Drake “busy” is an understatement. Beth spends part of her work week as a licensing specialist for Miracle Hill Ministries, a Palmetto Association for Children and Families (PAFCAF) member, founded in 1958 to care for unwanted, troubled, neglected and abused children who had no place to stay. The other half of her time is spent at Grace Church where she focuses on recruiting and supporting foster parents within the church community in Greenville.

What Will You Do to Help Keep Children Safe?

By Erin Galloway Hall

The phrase “foster care” inspires much discussion and passion around our state and the country. Many of you have volunteered or donated to a local children’s home or foster care agency. Maybe your church has multiple foster families whom you support. Perhaps your community has been attached to a children’s home for decades and you have memories of playing with the kids in their backyard.

New CEO selected to lead Palmetto Association for Children and Families

Over the last few months, the Palmetto Association for Children and Families (PAFCAF) has conducted an extensive search for a new CEO. PAFCAF board members, consultants, and an external executive recruitment firm were all involved in the search for a new leader. In selecting their new CEO, PAFCAF leadership were focused on selecting an individual who had a proven record of leadership in South Carolina of advancing initiatives and investments that better protect children and strengthen families.