Meet Janet Oyindamola Odeku

This fall we will welcome two new members to our PAFCAF team! Janet Oyindamola Odeku an amazing college student joining us as one of our interns for the fall semester.


Meet Janet Oyindamola Odeku

Hi, my name is Janet, I am 23 years old, from Oakdale, MN. I am currently an advanced standing student, in the Master’s social work program at USC.

I am excited to be a part of the PAFCAF team. I am looking forward to experiencing the Macro side of social work and learn more about policy and research.  

I chose to study social work because it is flexible and it opens many doors to different opportunities. With a social work background, I will be able to pursue many of the career goals I want to accomplish in the future, including Counselor/Therapist, Researcher, School Advisor, and Professor. 

If I could visit anywhere on earth, I would want to go to: Holland in Michigan, so to experience the Tulip Time Festival, Quebec in Canada, to see the Montreal Botanical Garden, and Bora Bora Island, for a relaxing vacation.