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This full time, salaried, exempt position provides therapy within the Clinical Support Services arm of HCFC, ensuring that trauma informed therapy services are more readily available to: children and families in high stress situations, especially when circumstances are increasing risk of abuse or neglect; children and caregivers in foster or kinship care now or in the past. Provide consultation to other programs as needed when a mental health crisis exists; establish community based relationships so that services are built on community needs and assets; and ensures compliance with Medicaid, COA, TF-CBT and other applicable standards; work with accounting partners to ensure sustainability primarily through billing.

Job Responsibilities: 

• Provide therapy. • Ensure the use of valid, reliable assessment tools and documentation per accreditation standards. • Oversee the program logic model and ensure data tracking allows outcomes to be assessed. • Work collaboratively with other HCFC and Spartanburg services to ensure the program addresses greatest needs and builds on current resources. • Establish and enhance key community partnerships across disciplines. • Assist with reporting requirements. • Ensure that all services provided are sensitive to the culture and individual needs of each client served. • Prepare timely progress notes of each visit. • Prepare reports as needed for partner agencies. • Maintain all services in compliance with organization and contract standards. • Serve in community workgroups and attend community meetings to better advocate for child needs. • Work with accounting to ensure proper billing.

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Director of Clinical Support Services

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Master Degree in social work, counseling or related field with clinical licensure (LPC, LISW-CP, LMFT) active in South Carolina. Experience working with child victims of trauma/child welfare field for a minimum of two years. A minimum of two years of experience providing therapy. TF-CBT certification preferred. Experience with family therapy and adult therapy preferred

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India Underwood

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Friday, 31 August 2018