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Director of Clinical Support Services

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Principle Responsibilities: The Therapist is responsible for delivering quality therapy, managing and minimizing risks by maintaining accurate documentation, and building internal and external partnerships.

Scope: This full time, salaried, exempt position provides therapy within the Clinical Support Services arm of HCFC, ensuring that trauma informed therapy services are more readily available to: children and families in high stress situations, especially when circumstances are increasing risk of abuse or neglect; children and caregivers in foster or kinship care now or in the past. Provide consultation to other programs as needed when a mental health crisis exists; establish community based relationships so that services are built on community needs and assets; and ensures compliance with Medicaid, COA, TF-CBT and other applicable standards; work with accounting partners to ensure sustainability primarily through billing.

Positions Supervised: None

Necessary characteristics: Must be committed to positive changes in children. Must be able to develop strong relationships. Takes the therapeutic relationship and trauma needs seriously. Must have strong supervisory and administrative skills. A desire to move throughout the day in and out of a variety of clinical and administrative skills is a must. Must exhibit a desire for professional growth as evidenced by accepting and responding to constructive feedback. Strong customer service, team leadership and critical thinking skills are essential. Must be highly organized with good verbal and written communication skills.

Job Responsibilities: 


  • Provide therapy.

  • Ensure the use of valid, reliable assessment tools and documentation per accreditation standards.

  • Oversee the program logic model and ensure data tracking allows outcomes to be assessed.

  • Work collaboratively with other HCFC and Spartanburg services to ensure the program addresses greatest needs and builds on current resources.

  • Establish and enhance key community partnerships across disciplines.

  • Assist with reporting requirements.

  • Ensure that all services provided are sensitive to the culture and individual needs of each client served.

  • Prepare timely progress notes of each visit.

  • Prepare reports as needed for partner agencies.

  • Maintain all services in compliance with organization and contract standards.

  • Serve in community workgroups and attend community meetings to better advocate for child needs.

  • Work with accounting to ensure proper billing.

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Director of Clinical Support Services

Job Qualifications: 

Qualifications: Master Degree in social work, counseling or related field with clinical licensure active in South Carolina. Experience working with child victims of trauma/child welfare field for a minimum of two years. A minimum of two years of experience providing therapy. TF-CBT certification preferred. Experience with family therapy and adult therapy preferred.

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India Underwood, B.S H.R. Associate

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Thursday, 31 October 2019