Team Consistency Family Teacher

Agency Name: 

Location of Job (city): 

Faucette House · Spartanburg, South Carolina


This position reports to the Faucette House Program Supervisor. Through use of the Teaching Family Model, the Family Teacher applies his or her knowledge, training and experience to recommend and execute individualized treatment for each resident and a therapeutic daily schedule that meets the needs of all residents. This includes ensuring compliance with organization policy and procedures. In addition, this position works closely with the Program Supervisor to promote program consistency between shifts by identifying program inconsistencies, gathering input from all of the staff, and facilitating discussion during transition and team meetings. This full-time, salaried (exempt) position requires flexibility but typically requires working a Monday - Friday schedule.

Positions Supervised: The position provides supervision to volunteers who work with residents to ensure that interactions are appropriate and impact treatment in a positive way. The Family Teacher directs Relief Family Teachers (but does not directly supervise) in problem solving and executing the individualized treatment for each resident, which is developed by the treatment team which includes the Family Teacher, guardian, etc.

Job Responsibilities: 

Family-Teacher Responsibilities:

  • When requested, begin the treatment process for each resident by meeting with SC DSS caseworkers and/or law enforcement in conjunction with the youth to do all necessary intake paperwork and assess and document the initial trauma needs of each youth.
  • Provide daily teaching that results in the development of social, academic, emotional and independent living skills for each child served.  Ensure that daily teaching ties to the overall treatment plan of each child and recommend updates as appropriate.
  • Assess and respond to children’s needs specifically related to trauma, and apply knowledge, training and experience to develop and individualized course of treatment to address the effects of trauma.
  • Apply knowledge, training and experience to develop a natural, supportive, structured home environment and build close relationships with youth, using his or her discretion and judgment to adapt based on individualized resident needs.
  • Work toward professional certification in the Teaching Family Model.
  • Provide and execute all elements of the Teaching-Family Model program as trained and work with the team of Family Teachers to implement the program as trained.
  • Execute the individual course of treatment for each resident, as developed by the Family Teacher and other treatment team members, by working with parents, teachers, mental health workers, guardians, Guardian Ad Litems and other adult supports to ensure each remains connected with maximum supports and resources.         
  • Remain informed through the Program Supervisor and Child Advocate about local, state, federal and Teaching-Family Association standards and regulations pertaining to the provision of services to children and their families.
  • Actively make individualized treatment plan recommendations for residents according to training, knowledge and experience and direct this treatment on a daily basis.
  • Provide transportation for residents to and from personal appointments, religious services, place of employment, and other activities that are a part of the residents’ individualized courses of treatment, including establishing and maintaining long term relationships that may create normalcy and long-term supports for each child served.
  •  Implement organization policy and procedures as written.
  • Tracks program inconsistencies, leads weekly team discussion about inconsistencies, and reports team decisions to the Program Supervisor.
  • In close partnership with the Program Supervisor, reminds coworkers of team decisions when an agreed-upon plan or process is not followed.
  •  Complete all paperwork in a timely fashion, per organization policies, using organization forms.
  • Keep track of expenditures related to the cottage, following the organization fund management policy.
  • Provide daily teaching around life skills through individualized teaching interactions and by modeling the skill(s).
  • Ensure that residents are adequately supervised, even when volunteers are present,
  • unless the legal guardian has authorized sole volunteer supervision in writing.
  • This position is an integral part of the PQI process for HCFC through duties which include but are not limited to:
  • Recording output data including supplemental education hours and family visits
  • Inputting required data and treatment progress into KaleidaCare
  • Complete PSNs if regular FT Family Teacher is not on shift
  • Completing critical incident reports fully and reporting on incidents as per policy
  • Completing necessary assessments on clients within specified time frames
  • Completing other duties as assigned on the PQI Grid
  • Other duties as required to meet treatment needs.

Job Qualifications: 

Bachelor degree in social sciences, education or related field from accredited institution and minimum of two years of experience working with children; or High School diploma or equivalent and three years of experience working with children or a similar combination of education and experience. Experience in Teaching-Family Model as well as emergency residential care preferred. A valid SC driver’s license and acceptable driving record is required.

Necessary characteristics: Must be committed to positive changes in children. Must be able to develop strong relationships with children and have understanding of issues impacting children in foster care; must have good problem solving skills and perseverance in advocating for the best interests of each child served. Must exhibit a desire for professional growth as evidenced by accepting and responding to constructive feedback. Strong customer service, team leadership and critical thinking skills are essential.

Employment Status (part-time, full-time, etc.): 

Deadline to Apply: 

Tuesday, 22 June 2021