Social Worker - Hope Center for Children (Spartanburg)

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Principle Responsibilities: This salaried full time position serves to address psychological, behavioral, and social well-being of children and youth. Scope: The Social Worker provides case work services and helps children and families address problems by making appropriate referrals to community resources. This position is responsible for helping ensure that children and family’s needs are addressed at a multidisciplinary level.

Job Responsibilities: 

1) Staying abreast of and partnering with community resources that serve children and families.

2) Establishing efficient communication channels with service providers to minimize barriers to services.

3) Conducting needs assessments for children and families.

4) Making appropriate referrals to resources in the community.

5) Developing a plan of care for each child/family and monitoring as appropriate.

6) Providing parent/child education on identified services.

7) Serving as an advocate for children and ensuring services offered are appropriate.

8) Consulting with doctors, therapists, schools, etc. to coordinate services and better identify treatment needs.

9) Maintaining contact with children and families to monitor progress.

10) Attending in-service and other trainings as requested.

11) Other duties as assigned. Knowledge, Skill and Experience Required: Must have strong oral and written communication skills in culturally diverse settings. Must have strong assessment and coordination skills to refer children and families to the appropriate providers in the community. Must have good organizational and time management skills. Positions Supervised: None

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Director of Clinical Support Services

Job Qualifications: 

Master’s degree in Social Work or related field from accredited college or university required. A minimum of two years of experience working with children/youth and families is strongly preferred

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Human Resources

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Wednesday, 31 October 2018