Relief Family Teacher 3rd shift

Agency Name: 

Location of Job (city): 

Spartanburg, South Carolina

This position reports to the Program Supervisor of the residential program that he or she is working in at that time and is subject to the direction of the Family Teachers who are directing the individualized courses of treatment for each resident. This is a relief position filled on an as needed basis, does not involve the use of discretion to develop individualized treatment for residents and is paid on an hourly basis (non-exempt). Hours will be offered only when there is a coverage need due to sickness or a temporary vacancy of some kind within a regular Family Teacher position. This position is responsible for the supervision and care of assigned residents and implementation of the program as trained and directed by your immediate supervisor and Family Teachers.

Positions Supervised: This position provides no supervision and is subject to direction from the Program Supervisor and regular Family Teachers who have developed and are implementing individualized course of treatment for each resident.


Job Responsibilities: 

1) Provide day-to-day teaching that results in skill development in: social, academic, self-help, independent living, self-government skills, and moral, spiritual, physical and emotional development. 


2) Assess and respond to children’s needs specifically related to trauma. 


3) Responsible for the home and the care for the youth assigned to it.


4) Responsible for the development of a natural, supportive, structured home environment and the building of close relationships among youth.  


5) Provide all elements of the Teaching-Family Model program as trained and work with the team of Family Teachers to implement the program as trained, following the individualized coursed of treatment as developed by the Family Teachers and full treatment team.


6) Work closely with resident’s parents, teachers, mental health workers, guardians, Guardian Ad Litems and other adult supports to ensure each remains connected with maximum supports and resources, according to each child’s individualized treatment goals and skills as developed by the Family Teachers and treatment team.     


7) Provide transportation for residents to and from personal appointments, religious services, place of employment, activities, etc. 


8) Implement organization policy and procedures as written.


9) Complete all paperwork in a timely fashion, per organization policies, using organization forms. 


10) Keep track of expenditures related to the residence, following the organization fund management policy. 


11) Serve as positive role model for adults and children, particularly modeling all skills taught to residents.


12) Ensure that residents are adequately supervised even when volunteers are present, unless the legal guardian has authorized a specific volunteer to have periods of sole supervision.


13) Work collaboratively with other organization residential programs to ensure good outcomes across all programs.


14) Other duties as requested.


15) Paperwork as directed to document critical incidents and client progress. 

Job Qualifications: 

Bachelor degree in social sciences, education or related field from accredited college or university preferred and at least one year of experience working with children or youth. A similar combination of education and experience may be considered such as High school Diploma and several years of experience. Experience in Teaching-Family Model preferred. A valid SC driver’s license and good driving record is required.

Necessary characteristics: Must be committed to positive changes in children. Must be able to develop strong relationships with children; must have good problem solving skills and perseverance in advocating for the best interests of each child served. Must exhibit a desire for professional growth as evidenced by implementation of constructive feedback. Strong customer service, team leadership and critical thinking skills are essential.

Employment Status (part-time, full-time, etc.): 

Deadline to Apply: 

Friday, 30 April 2021

Other notes about this job: 

Employment Type PRN 3rd Shift Minimum Experience Entry-level