LEAD ORGANIZER - Carolina Youth Action Project (CYAP)

Lead Organizer

Carolina Youth Action Project (CYAP, formerly known as Girls Rock Charleston) is a grassroots youth
organizing and culture change organization led by young women, transgender/gender nonconforming people, and
queer-identified people that builds power among girls, women, and trans/GNC youth in Charleston, South Carolina.
CYAP was founded in 2011 to address the intersecting problems of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and
poverty in Charleston, SC by lifting the leadership of girls and trans/GNC youth most directly affected by these
issues. It is our goal to resource the visionary leadership of girls and trans/GNC youth of color as they transform
our city into a site of healing and possibility.

Carolina Youth Action Project is seeking a full-time lead organizer to build youth power and leadership in
the Charleston metropolitan area. The position’s primary goal is to plan and facilitate our year-round youth
organizing programs for girls and trans youth, as well as support efforts to reduce youth incarceration and develop
community-based alternatives across the state.

The lead organizer will be responsible for implementing positive youth development programming that is
relevant, engaging, and meaningful to girls and trans youth from various backgrounds in Charleston, SC and
support youth leadership efforts to strengthen a movement for change here in South Carolina. The lead organizer
will be involved in all aspects of programming, from recruiting youth participants and volunteers to planning and
coordinating day to day activities to ensure the efficiency of programs.

We believe that our leaders should reflect the communities in which we work. Therefore, women,
transgender/gender nonconforming people, people of color, working class people, and people who have been
directly impacted by the justice system are strongly encouraged to apply. The Lead Organizer will work as part of a
collective of core organizers who will guide and sustain the organization over the course of the next three (or
more) years. CYAP is a small but growing organization, and this position provides opportunity for staff members to
expand their roles and salary as the organization expands.


● Ensure youth organizing programs align with and address the organization's mission, vision, and points of
● Recruit volunteer organizers to create program specific teams
● Work with program teams to plan the programs’ curriculum and logistics including: promotion, workshops,
youth recruitment, volunteer recruitment and training, showcase, documentation, food, transportation
● Communicate with probation officers, the Department of Juvenile Justice, and local schools to recruit
system involved or at risk youth
● Address behavioral and attendance issues with youth and volunteers that are negatively affecting programs
● Train new program organizers
● Facilitate communication between program teams and other organizers
● Communicate with volunteers, youth, and parents throughout programs
● Provide support for writing grants and grant reports
● Work with community organizations to keep programs and youth connected to local activism
● Seek out ways to improve CYAP’s programs and create proposals for new program ideas
● Facilitate and engage in community conversations about benefits of community-based alternatives to


● Experience working with youth, especially youth from low-income backgrounds, system involved youth, or
LGBTQIA+ youth
● Experience creating curriculum and presenting information to youth and adults
● Confidence in communicating with parents, school administrators, and city and state officials
● Efficiency in self-organized and time management
● Comfortable with delegating tasks and overseeing the work of volunteers
● Experience with google docs, google sheets, and WordPress
● Knowledgeable about music equipment
● Ability to work independently and cooperatively
● Willingness to learn new skills, take risks, and ask questions
● Willingness to work alongside an experienced organizer in order to gain new skills
● Interest in building relationships across lines of race, class, gender, spirituality and sexuality
● Highly accountable to self and others
● Self-reflective
● Possesses a long-term commitment to fighting for racial, gender, and economic justice in the South,
particularly in South Carolina


$35,000/year with benefits with the possibility to increase as resources allow



To apply, please send a resume and responses to the following questions to info@scyouthaction.org .

● We are looking for leaders who are committed to building a better South Carolina where girls and
transgender youth are supported, healed, and uplifted. Tell us why you’re interested in being part of this
● Tell us a story about your life that demonstrates your commitment to liberation.
● What specific skills or experiences do you have that will benefit your work with Carolina Youth Action
● Design a one-day workshop for a program that serves as an alternative to incarceration for girls and trans
youth ages 12-17. Please include:
○ A description of the workshop’s goals
○ How this workshop is relevant to your audience