HIM/ Medical Records Specialist

Agency Name: 

Location of Job (city): 

West Columbia, SC

Responsible for the performance of miscellaneous clerical functions including: prepping, scanning, quality control of medical records, record processing, filing, record retrieval, loose reports, processing and telephone answering.

Job Responsibilities: 

Essential Job Duties:

  • Answers and/or faxes inquiries from DHEC (local and state offices).

  • Perform quantitative/qualitative analyses of medical records ensuring compliance with Joint Commission, the Department of Health and Human Services, CMS and other regulatory agencies.

  • Works on chart audits daily and completes monthly spreadsheet for Risk Director

  • Coordinates Chart Audits completed by Departments, and reports results and compliance to Risk Management Director

  • Re-analyze medical records to determine if deficiencies have been corrected and update the deficiency.

  • Picks up discharged records and reconciles them against the appropriate discharge list. Follows up with supervisor on any missing records.

  • Accurately preps medical records utilizing the correct document type barcodes.

  • Accurately prepares paper charts for admission

  • Accurately performs quality checks of all records scanned on a daily basis.

  • Assists with front desk coverage as needed

  • Handles medical record requests accurately and timely.

  • Assist with pulling and reviewing records eligible for storage

  • Promptly answers the telephone courteously within three rings.

  • Provides backup support to Risk Manager when needed.

  • Serves as facility’s Patient Advocate:

    • Assists patients with patient’s rights issues.

    • Meets with patients and / or family members regarding concerns and works toward resolution for all parties involved. Maintains a record of all patient concerns, investigation of concerns and resolutions.

    • Meets with the patient and / or family member making the complaint no more than three (3) working days after said grievance is received, whether verbally and /or in writing.

    • Reviews the patient’s / family’s grievance, the patient’s medical record, and speaks with all involved.

    • Analyzes the nature of the patient and / or family concerns to determine appropriate action to be taken, in any, including but not limited to recommended changes in the Program and / or procedures.

      • Resolution of the grievance / complaint is completed within seven (7) days of receipt of the grievance / complaint.

    • Maintains a log of all concerns / grievances filed.

    • Records each written concern and response / resolution on a Patient Concern Form.

    • Ensures that the names, telephone numbers, and addresses for the following are current and posted on all units:

    • Hospital Patient’s Rights Advocate;

    • County Patient’s Rights;

    • State Patient’s Rights.

  • Ensures that the appropriate forms are available to patients on all units.

  • Reports to PI Committee.

  • All other duties as assigned.

Job Qualifications: 

Experience and Education:


One-year medical records experience, preferably in a hospital setting.


Coding experience and knowledge of mental health diagnoses preferred.


HS diploma required. Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree preferred.


Requires ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

Deadline to Apply: 

Friday, 31 December 2021