Family Development Specialist, SAFY of America

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Karen Oliver

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Family Development Specialist

This position will be responsible to act as liaison between family, DCBS, community partners, and others as identified to ensure continuity of care to assigned cases. Caseloads will be assigned based on divisional needs for the following programs: Independent Living, Treatment Foster Care, and Outpatient/Drug and Alcohol. Also, may be responsible to assist with the foster parent training, licensing and recertification process.


    • Attend relevant in-house and external seminars, trainings, conferences and workshops to develop and enhance knowledge in the designated area as well as achieve relevant education hours per year to enhance professional and job related skills.
    • May be on call 24 hours or on a rotating basis to address crisis with clients.



      Job Responsibilities: 

      Essential Responsibilities:


      • Direct involvement with the family members includes: work with the written assessment of the family needs using independent analysis and acting as a part of the treatment team providing input to execute a comprehensive treatment plan with appropriate goals based upon this assessment.
      • Provide instruction, intervention and assistance as deemed necessary through the exercise of independent judgment and knowledge or as part of the treatment team.
      • Provide crisis intervention as required to resolve problems that may jeopardize the maintenance of the family unit using professional skills in de-escalation and knowledge of how and when to use outside sources for conflict resolution.
      • Assist with the educational training of the family on a variety of topics.
      • Facilitate the recertification of assigned foster homes on a timely basis as specified in the applicable licensing regulations.


      • Maintain accurate and professional documentation in content and appearance as required for each assigned case. Maintain client files pertaining to caseload as part of the quality improvement process.
      • Maintain foster parent files as part of the quality improvement project.
      • Submit written reports to supervisor and other parties as required timely and accurately regarding progress of each case assigned.
      • Develop and maintain consulting and liaison relationships with identified case collateral contacts in order to cultivate working relationships for purpose of promoting and coordinating services identified as needed for the client/family.

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      Karen Oliver

      Job Qualifications: 

      Educational Requirements:

      • Master’s degree in the field of social work, counseling, psychology, sociology, child & family studies, or other approved related field of human services

      Experience Requirements:

      • Two years of experience with independent living, child welfare, family preservation services, best practice In-Home models or outpatient/drug and alcohol is preferred.

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      Karen Oliver

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      Monday, 30 April 2018