DSS Liaison - Hope Center

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Scope: The DSS Liaison provides linkage between children served by Hope Center for Children and other entities involved in their placement and care. This position is responsible for ensuring children’s rights are protected and protocols are adhered to. The DSS Liaison is responsible for facilitating an exchange of information to increase the likelihood of appropriate service delivery.

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Principle Responsibilities: This salaried full time position serves to provide continuity of care for children and youth served in HCFC programs Responsibilities: 1) Assists HCFC staff in coordinating and acquiring needed information for successful intervention and treatment planning services. 2) Researches and provides information to HCFC staff to ensure safety and continuity of care. 3) Completes all documentation according to mandated time frames. 4) Participates in staffing of opening and closing cases and the transition to an ongoing care plan with HCFC workers. 5) Assist staff in identifying appropriate services aimed to build protective factors and resources for the family. 6) Communicates according to mandates with DSS (e.g., assessment, treatment plans, progress reports, etc.). 7) Attends in-service and other trainings as requested. 8) Follows mandated reporting responsibilities to DSS when safety issues are identified. 9) Other duties as requested. Knowledge, Skill and Experience Required: Must have strong oral and written communication skills in culturally diverse settings. Strong computer skills with internet and technology literacy are important. Ability to problem-solve and collect data from a variety of sources is essential. Must be a team player and able to accept feedback. Must have strong organizational, time management and coordination skills.

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Residential Programs Manager

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Bachelor’s degree in Social Work or related field from accredited college or university required. At least 3 years of demonstrated experience and knowledge navigating the child welfare system is also required.

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India Underwood

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Saturday, 27 October 2018