Director of Development

Agency Name: 

Location of Job (city): 

Administration · Spartanburg, South Carolina




Reports to: Chief Executive Officer

Scope: This salaried, exempt position is primarily responsible for daily implementation and oversight of the development arm of HCFC. Fund development is a primary aspect of the position with a focus on donor engagement and retention.


  1. Leads the creation and daily implementation of an annual fundraising plan.
  2. Maintains a portfolio of donors which s/he is continually cultivating.
  3. Prompts the CEO where there are donor cultivation needs or opportunities.
  4. Looks for opportunities to further the HCFC brand and implements chosen strategies.
  5. Oversees implementation of two key signature events and offers limited support to other community fundraisers from which HCFC benefits.
  6. Leads strategies and research to identify, prioritize, cultivate, solicit, and recognize investors/potential investors.
  7. Prepares letters, grant proposals and other reports or materials needed for effective cultivation and solicitation of current and potential investors.
  8. Writes or oversees the writing of grant proposals and grant evaluations reports.
  9. Constantly strategizes, seeks funding and cultivates relationships with local businesses, civic groups, the faith community, individuals, etc.
  10. Oversees development and distribution of public awareness materials and appeals through the development team.
  11. Serves as a representative of the organization before public audiences.
  12. Oversees implementation of Patron Society goals and engagement of this leadership group as HCFC ambassadors. This includes implementation of Patron Society sponsored special event.
  13. Indirectly supervises the volunteer engagement program other than the Board of Directors.
  14. Remains engaged in key community groups and uses this as an opportunity to tell the HCFC story.
  15. Works with the CEO in cooperation with the Development Committee and other board members on donor engagement and cultivation and to report on strategy implementation of development strategic goals.
  16. Oversees development and maintenance of social media across all approved platforms.
  17. Participates in crisis communication as appropriate by assisting with drafting and delivering holding statements and key response statements.
  18. Implements HCFC policies and procedures as written.
  19. Maintains and updates the donor database, particularly in terms of regular donor communications and needed donor updates. Supervises the development team to ensure the processing of gifts through the donor software.
  20. Attends Performance and Quality Improvement (PQI) Committee when data is being reviewed that falls under the oversight of the development department. Duties related to the PQI process include but are not limited to:
  21. Reviewing agency data and participating in quarterly PQI Review meetings
  22. Compiling data on donor retention
  23. Monitoring and reporting on the return on investment of agency events
  24. Completing other duties as assigned on the PQI Grid
  25. Performs other duties as requested.

Positions Supervised: Public Relations Coordinator, Community Engagement Manager, Development Associate, and Grant Coordinator.

Job Responsibilities: 

Principle Responsibilities: Under direct supervision of the CEO, the Director of Development works with the CEO to direct and implement the HCFC fundraising plan and ensure continued advancement of the HCFC mission to the general public and investors.

Job Qualifications: 

Bachelor Degree in Marketing, Business, Non-profit management or related field. A minimum of two years of experience in development work, including work with major donors. CFRE certification preferred.

Employment Status (part-time, full-time, etc.): 

Deadline to Apply: 

Wednesday, 30 June 2021