CLINICAL SPECIALIST - Growing Home Southeast

Job Title:  Clinical Specialist

Department:  Upstate Region

Reports to:  Regional Director

FSLA Status:  Exempt – Salaried

Basic Function:  Growing Home SE Clinical Specialists supervise the foster placement of youth and families in therapeutic care and have primary responsibility for case management and coordination. Clinical Specialists are supervisors and consultants to contracted treatment parents of therapeutic family foster care.

Scope:  Position responsibilities include, but are not limited to, assessing families for foster care licensure, conducting home studies, matching client needs with skills of treatment parents, facilitating placement goals and desired outcomes with the placement team, monitoring and documenting progress toward goals, and planning transitions for discharges.  Clinical Specialists supervise the performance of treatment parents and are responsible for maintaining quality care for each youth or family in placement in accordance with Growing Home SE's Performance Improvement Plan.  Clinical Specialists are members of an empowered clinical work team and may coordinate or assist with team based budgeting, recruitment and hiring of team members, and continuous quality improvement.

Principal Responsibilities:

1. Assist, as determined by your supervisor, in the recruitment, assessment, training, orienting, and licensing of contracted treatment parents according to the established agency policy, accreditation standards and state licensing rules.

2. Assist in the annual re-licensing of treatment parents. Communicate and instruct treatment parents on completing paperwork, gathering and submitting the necessary paperwork to licensing and completing an annual home-study addendum.

3. Provide ongoing supervision to licensed treatment parents and perform annual treatment parent evaluations.  Consult and collaborate with treatment parents to include:  Identify problem areas with treatment parents; develop a plan for addressing those problems; and assess placement progress to minimize the risk of placement disruption. Assist in enhancing the skill level and professional status of treatment parents.

4. Provide on-going case consultation to treatment parents and youth, both individually and in groups, which support youth meeting the emotional, behavioral, social, cultural, and educational needs of youth/families in placement.  Assist treatment parents in the coordination of community resources needed to meet youth/family needs.

5. Facilitate a monthly or quarterly support/training group for licensed treatment parents.

6. Receive and evaluate referral materials regarding children, youth or families in need of a placement.  Consult with team members, assess appropriate resources for youth or families, contact treatment parents and placement referral sources, and seek designated approval regarding placements.  Youth and families should be able to complete their goals in the home of treatment parents selected for placement.

7. Plan and supervise the pre-placement and placement planning for the youth/family to include organizing, facilitating, and documenting results of a treatment plan meeting of all involved parties.  Assure financial responsibility for placement with referral worker. 

8. Conduct quarterly reviews of treatment plans with the treatment team.

9. Complete and submit all required documentation within the stated guidelines: Documentation includes: assessments, treatment plans, treatment plan reviews, treatment plan reformulations, progress summary notes, medication logs, treatment parent notes and other client information required by state and federal laws.

10. Engage in internal and external public relations and marketing with referral sources and others concerned with the quality of care.  This may involve serving as a team representative for agency work groups designed to enhance treatment foster care practice.

11. Participate in an empowered clinical work teams and perform related administrative duties.

12. Participate in staff and regional team meetings and demonstrates support of other team members.

13. Participates in the regional on-call system. Provides crisis management and support to both clients and treatment parents.

14. Maintain the required number of training hours annually as directed by federal, state and other regulations. Licensed staff must maintain those hours as required by local licensing boards.

15. Maintain and manage a caseload of 15.  Caseloads are calculated in the following manner: TFC/MF Level 1 = 1 case, TFC/MF Level 2 & 3 = 2 cases.

16. All other duties as identified.

Position Supervised:  Independently contracted treatment parents.

Knowledge, Skill and Experience Required:

Clinical Specialists must possess a Master’s Degree in Social work or related field and at least 3-5 years of experience.  Knowledge of developmental and attachment theory, child psychopathology, behavior management, family systems dynamics, community organization theory, demonstrated ability to effectively work cross-culturally, and be able to approach interventions from an ecological framework.  Skills in group and team facilitation, family assessment, and networking with community resources are essential.  Clinical Specialists must demonstrate an ability to work independently, possess effective organizational and time management skills, and demonstrate professional oral and written communication skills.  Clinical Specialists must be able to function under various amounts of stress and must have the self-knowledge to assure proper self-care and wellness.  Clinical specialists must possess a valid driver's license, have reliable transportation, be willing to work irregular hours, and be board licensed for the appropriate professional discipline as required by state law.

Job Type: Full-time

Closing date: October 3, 2017

Job Location: Upstate, SC

Interested Candidates must submit a cover letter and a resume outlining their skills and experience to  No phone calls please.

Growing Home Southeast is an Equal Opportunity Employer