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Margretta Smith

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Case Manager

The primary responsibility of a Case Manager is to provide home and community based services to families at risk of child maltreatment. The Case Manager will provide services for up to 12 months to include assessment, service planning, short term counseling and intervention and development of a family’s resources.  The position operates under the supervision of the Director of Community Based Prevention Services.

Case Management services include but are not limited to assessment, service planning, monitoring, home visitation, counseling, parent education and community referrals. Services are based on family needs. Case Managers are expected to establish phone contact with families within 48 hours (2 calendar days) of receipt of the referral. The phone contact id documented and is considered the case start date. This person is also expected to make initial face to face contact with the family within 5 calendar days of the receipt of the referral which is also documented.


Please submit a resume and cover letter to Human Resources, 5055 Lackawanna Blvd., North Charleston, SC 29405; Fax (843) 266-5201, or via email to

Job Responsibilities: 

1. Build Rapport

Establish a professional relationship and be a consistent role model to families being served.

Establish and conduct the initial family meeting in accordance with service standards.

Conduct safety risk assessments and other family assessment in accordance with service provision.

In conjunction with families being served, develop and implement a family service plan. Review and update service plans in accordance with service provision or as necessary.

Monitor the family service plan noting progress as necessary.

Conduct home visitation sessions with families addressing goals established in their service plan. Home visitation sessions should be conducted in accordance with service standards or as necessary.

Conduct telephone contacts with families addressing goals established in their service plan. Telephone contacts should be conducted in accordance with services standards or as necessary.

Complete and submit all documentation in accordance with service standards.

Provide child development, parent education, case management, parenting interventions and family support services through home visits and phone calls.

Assist families with accessing concrete needs such as housing, food, clothing, medical care, etc.  Transportation services will be provided or facilitated as needed.

Refer and link families to community based programs and services to strengthen the family unit.

Participate in supervision.

Attend various meetings to collaborate and coordinate with co-workers.

Coordinate activities for families to include family literacy, social and educational events, and facilitate parent involvement in community activities (activities may include socializations, parent meetings, parent trainings).

Promote effective communication between staff and parents and provides for a regular system of communication of program information and activities to parents.

Participate in in-service training.

Maintain a caseload (23) in accordance with service standards.

2. Training

Participates in internal meetings and minimally obtains required training such as agency Orientation, Motivational Interviewing, Strengthening Family, and Coalition policy and procedure training,  and other mandatory training, as directed by HR. Actively seeks out training that builds skills in the assessment and service of the client population.

3. Teamwork, Quality Improvement, and Cultural Sensitivity

Promotes the spirit of teamwork. Case Managers will demonstrate the ability to be a good colleague and will strive to continuously improve the quality of the agency and self. These competencies will be carried out in order to increase the efficiency of the program.  The Case Manager accepts cultural and individual differences, upholds the vision and mission of the agency. The Case Manager is an active participant in all agency initiatives to achieve these goals

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Type of Knowledge Required and or Skills Required: Must possess the knowledge and skills necessary to work with a diverse population. Must have the skills to actively engage other professionals as well as excellent communication skills and the ability to develop well-rounded, behavioral interventions.

Education and Specific Training: Minimum qualifications include: (1) Master’s degree in a field related to social work and two years of social work experience working with the population being served; or (2) Holder of an active license in a field related to social work and one year of experience degree in a field related to social work.

Experience:  Two years of social work experience working with the population being served.

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Human Resources

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Thursday, 31 May 2018