Membership Categories


Regular Membership is open to any private, not-for-profit or for-profit organization that is licensed or certified to provide out-of-home residential child care in South Carolina, including group care, emergency care, foster care, adoption, or therapeutic camping.

Dues for Regular Members are 0.15% of the previous fiscal year’s operating expenses as shown on Form 990 or audit report.



Associate Membership is open to any organization or individual that supports the mission of PAFCAF. Organizations eligible to join as Associate Members include but are not limited to corporations/businesses, foundations, other associations, professional societies, educational institutions, advocacy groups, and public agencies. Any organization that meets the criteria for Regular Membership is not eligible to join as an Associate Member.

Dues for Associate Members are as follows:

  • For-profit company: $1,000
  • Not-for-profit organization or public agency: $500
  • Individual: $100

Why Associations Matter:


Membership Resources:

Below you'll find the materials you'll need to apply for membership.

For membership questions, please call our office at 803-834-4921 or lvanderstelt [at] (email Lois Vanderstelt)