About Us

Every day in South Carolina several thousand children are living outside their family homes. These children are served by private agencies that provide care in emergency, long-term, and adoptive settings. Most of these agencies belong to an organization dedicated to helping ensure the quality of care the children receive—the Palmetto Association for Children and Families.

The Association was created in 1986 to unite these diverse agencies and give them a place to exchange ideas, gain knowledge, and work to address issues related to the quality of care given to children and their families. Member agencies have the ability to serve approximately 3,500 children at any given time.

Children who receive services provided by Association members include those who have been neglected or abused, those who are medically fragile or have other physical or mental disabilities, and those who are emotionally disturbed or delinquent. The challenges of caring for these children are great. The Palmetto Association for Children and Families works to promote the best care possible for children.

The mission statement of PAFCAF is to provide education, support and leadership that strengthens the capacity of member agencies to produce positive outcomes for children and their families.