Board of Directors


John Shackelford

President (2019)  - John Shackelford, SCYAP

Carme Landy Listas

Vice-President - Carmen Landy, Chief Executive Officer, Helping Hands of Aiken

Bethany Vause

Immediate Past-President (2017-2019)  - Bethany Vause, Executive Director, Lutheran Services Carolinas (2019)



Board Members

Debbie McElvey

Debbie McKelvey, Executive Director, Windwood Farm Home for Children, Inc.

Elliott Smith

Elliot Smith, President, Thornwell

Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan, Vice President for Programs, Connie Maxwell Children’s Home

Robert Kimberly

Robert Kimberly, Executive Director, Southeastern Children’s Home

Brian Clark, Generations Group

Daniel Hochstetler, Fair Play Camp School

Vernon Hayes Executive Director Hope Center for Children At Large

Vernon Hayes, Executive Director, Hope Center for Children, At Large

Christ Wright – Executive Director - Safe Alternatives for Youth

Christ Wright, Executive Director - Specialized Alternative for Youth



PAFCAF has various committees that provide input and guidance to PAFCAF staff and guide the organization’s priorities and focus each year. To join a committee you must be an employee of a PAFCAF member agency in good standing.

Nominating Committee

The nominating committee is responsible for recruiting and nominating leadership to serve as the Board of Directors.  The committee also assess and nominates Board Officers and ensure board members receive appropriate trainings and orientation to help them properly perform their duties as a board member throughout the duration of their term. 

A term on the nominating committee is one year, with the opportunity to be re-appointed for up to two additional years.

Public Policy Committee

The PAFCAF public policy committee is responsible for crafting the organization’s political agenda as well as reviewing legislative and regulatory issues of interest to our members. As PAFCAF is an advocacy organization, the public policy committee is integral to the success of the organization’s mission.

A term on the public policy committee is five years with the opportunity to be re-appointed for up to one additional term.

Membership Committee

An engaged and united membership is essential to the function of PAFCAF. Responsibilities of the membership committee including assisting with recruitment of new members as well as renewal of current members, reviewing membership criteria, dues and policies and providing recommendations to the board on revisions and updates to the membership criteria and dues structure.

The term of a membership committee member is one year with the opportunity to be re-appointed for up to five additional years.

Finance Committee

The finance committee is involved in management compliance, development of the annual budget, keeping up with the balance sheet and profit/losses, and regularly updating investment managers’ compliance with the Investment Policy Statement.

The term of a finance committee member is one year with the opportunity to be re-appointed for up to five additional years.

Training Committee

PAFCAF’s training committee is responsible for aiding the in the planning of various training events conducted by the association, including but not limited to the Annual Conference and Executive Retreat.. The committee provides input on speakers, trainings, the conference and retreat agenda and recruiting sponsors and exhibitors who support the event. The committee also plays a valuable role with on-site coordination and volunteer efforts during the conference.

This committee’s term is one year with the opportunity to be re-appointed for up to three additional years.

Join a

To inquire about becoming a committee member email PAFCAF at



1986/87                                  Mike Cavanaugh

1987/88                                  Ed Ledford                             

1988/89                                  Sandy Howie

1989/90                                  Phil Ross

1990/91                                  Zane Moore

1991/92                                  Dr. Suzanne Hiott

1992/93                                  John Shiflet

1993/94                                  Reid Lehman

1995                                        Marsha Horn

1996                                        John Koppelmeyer

1997                                        Dr. Jimmy McAdams

1998                                        Robert Kimberly

1999/2000                             Debbie Swartzentruber

2000/2001                             Glenda Caddell

2001/2003                             Keith Jones

2003-2005                             Wayne Chapman

2005-2007                             Vernon Hayes

2007-2009                             Judy Nix

2009–2010                            Vernon Hayes

2010–2012                            John Shiflet

2012–2014                            Jerry Allred

2014-2015                             John Holler

2015–2017                            Robert Kimberly

2017 -                                     Bethany Vause